Company Profile

Red Dunes Safari and Adventure Tours Dubai

RED DUNES DUBAI is one of the well-established full-pledged tour companies in UAE.
Years ago we started as a desert safari provider. Today our operations are fully diversified to handle in-bound tour groups from the point of arrival from any air port in UAE until the departure  taking complete care.

We specialize in designing and creating tailor-made in-bound budget/luxury package tours to give the best to our clients with the minimum cost. We are able to do this in a highly competitive manner through the years of continuous hard work coupled with well established contacts and relationships we have built up with various service providers all over the country and some of the GCC countries such as Oman.

Our Mission
Our mission is to satisfy our clients in such a manner that they will never look for an alternative.
Client satisfaction at any cost is our prime motive… Profitability and growth, as we believe, is the outcome of the above.