Private desert dune Safari Dubai

Private desert dune Safari Dubai – Private VIP Safari Tour Packages Dubai

Private Desert Sand Dune Safari Dubai / Private dinner safari / Private BBQ Dinner Dubai / Private Dinner Party

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Private desert dune Safari Dubai

Do you want to make your safari Exclusive?  Would you like to have the car exclusively for you? You can have the entire 4×4 only for you so that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable having strangers sitting with you. This is perfect for couples and friends who want to have privacy while having a blast at the safari.

Private desert dune Safari is also advisable for people who can not tolerate full blast dune bashing but don’t want to miss out on the fun. You can hire the entire car for yourself and the driver will take it easy on the dunes upon your instructions. Our 4 by 4’s can take up to 7 people. In your Private desert dune Safari  we can also offer you special Hummer Safaris upon advance booking with a week’s notice.

Make your vacation a memorable one with private desert dune safari tour in Dubai. Desert Safaris have always been one of the prime attractions of Dubai and a private desert safari Dubai presents a great opportunity to enjoy exclusively with your friends and family in the red sand dunes and golden deserts of Dubai. Available in a variety of options like morning desert safari, evening or all-night desert safari, you can choose the one that perfectly suits your hanging out plans. With the flexibility to customize the entire tour package, right from the choice of vehicle to the food menu, a Dubai private desert dune safari in an ideal way to have fun in privacy.

We offer a full range of private safaris such as morning safari, evening safari or overnight safari. These include the pick up and drop off from your hotel/house from anywhere in Sharjah or Dubai.

All our cars are 4×4 Land Cruisers and are fully insured, registered with DTCM and fitted with roll cages to avoid damage in case of a rare roll over. Also all our drivers are trained and licensed as desert drivers/guides with emergency handling and first aid training.


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